Pfizer’s Covid profits

By Scoop
July 5, 2022 · less than 3 min read

There are always winners and losers. Pfizer is the former.

The art of the deal

Look, we all knew Pfizer was probably going to be rolling in the bucks. The moment rich governments started pulling out the checkbook, Pfizer’s money counting machines went into overdrive. So just how much has Pfizer made? Its 2021 revenue was a shiny $81.3 billion – double its 2020 figures.

Pfizer’s mRNA is the vaccine of choice for the US and European markets, making up for 70% of all vaccine bought by these governments. Ethical? Who knows? But business is business, and Pfizer knows perfectly well how to play that game.

With money comes power

As we all know, money can be used to buy nice things. The nicest of which is power. Over the last couple of years, Pfizer has become something of a health authority. It’s frequently updated Americans on the next stage of the pandemic, sometimes even before the government has, making it quite a powerful business. Influential. Sorry, we meant influential.

Pfizer has been saying in recent weeks that without other Covid restrictions in place, adults in the US might need annual vaccine shots. If history is anything to go by, that means government agencies will no doubt be putting in an order for more jabs sooner rather than later.

So with great vaccine success comes great responsibility, and Pfizer is relishing its new role.

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