UFOs are on the agenda for Congress

By Scoop
May 12, 2022 · less than 3 min read

For the first time in 50 years, a congressional hearing about unidentified aerial phenomena will be held.   

Welcome to Earth 

A global pandemic. War in Europe. Cost of living skyrocketing. Would you really bet against a UFO crashing down to earth right now? We wouldn’t – and apparently, neither would Congress.  

Next Tuesday (May 17), a House subcommittee will hold a hearing about UFOs for the first time in five decades. The public hearing will be led by Rep. Andre Carson, a Democrat from Indiana, who tweeted that “Americans need to know more about these unexplained occurrences.” Do we, though?  

I’m a legal alien 

While UFOs give many of us the heebie-jeebies, Congress’ out-of-the-blue interest in UFOs is about breaking “the cycle of excessive secrecy and speculation with truth and transparency”. This according to California Rep. Adam Schieff, who is chairing the House Intelligence Committee at the hearing.  

The media – and mostly the internet – have long been fascinated by what the government knows about UFOs. And with the Pentagon recording 143 unexplainable sightings between 2004 and 2021, exactly who knows what – and why the general public doesn’t know jack – is always a touchy subject. But a subcommittee hearing is just a subcommittee hearing, so we’re not holding out much hope for any real tea spillage. 

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