David Zaslav earns Warner Bros. Discovery’s heart

By Scoop
April 18, 2022 · less than 3 min read

Fresh off his listening tour, he’s ready to check in with your feelings.

Somebody new

David Zaslav is not new to the media scene. In his time at NBC and CNBC, he’s developed a reputation for having a big heart and securing handsome compensation packages. But it takes more than a pretty face to be the CEO of newly founded Warner Bros. Discovery – and eyebrows were definitely raised when his new role was first announced.

But Zaslav never goes anywhere without a plan. For the last 12 months, he’s been going door-to-door, listening deeply to the concerns and worries of Hollywood’s elite. And now, he’s ready to bring a whole lot of emotional intelligence to Warner Bros. Discovery.

Walking the line

The task ahead is no small one. When he takes up the reigns, he’ll be running a company that includes Warner Bros. Studios and HBO – two of the largest digital film producers in the world. And that’s before you start taking into account the egos he’ll need to navigate.

But it’s a changing world, and of those who are capable of reaching out to people, we’ve yet to hear of anyone better than Mr. Zaslav. Hopefully, he was able to do plenty of learning while on his listening tour – he’ll need it when dealing with the executives under his control.

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