Cybersecurity firms to lend their support

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March 9, 2022 · less than 3 min read

The war in Ukraine is raising fears of an escalation around the world. To counter the threat of digital retaliation, some of the US’ major cybersecurity protectors are offering their services for free.

The hacking hall of fame

Russian hackers. We’re all familiar with their work. Some estimates say that as much as 74% of the money raised through ransomware attacks heads to Russia. But whether they have links to the Kremlin or not, Russian hackers are known for their efficiency.

So, poking the bear with some hefty sanctions was not necessarily top of the list for many businesses. But duty calls – meaning vulnerable organizations have to decide how best to respond to the growing threat of cyber-attacks.

Stepping up to the plate

And this is why three of the US’ largest cybersecurity businesses are volunteering their services in the fight against cybercrime and offering four months of free protection to non-customers. If nothing else, it’s a solid PR move.

Many essential parts of the US’ infrastructure, from hospitals to utilities, have been struggling with Russian-linked intrusions – not least congress. The mother of hacks, and the one that causes the most sleepless nights, is the dreaded denial of service attack (DDoS). A strike of this kind on a hospital could be disastrous, and with Russia’s invasion stuck in the mud, the chances of more sophisticated attacks such as these become that little bit more likely.

Better safe than sorry

For the moment, there’s no sign of an increased threat to US infrastructure, but as always, it’s better to be safe than sorry. With these experts on side, not even the best state-backed hacker has a chance. Probably.

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