Trump in dire straits

By Scoop
August 31, 2022 · less than 3 min read

If a (heavily redacted) affidavit is true, the game could finally be up for Donald.

I solemnly swear

If Trump could just play by the rules, you have to wonder how many problems he could have saved himself. In a recent Mar-a-Lago raid, the FBI produced a warrant detailing claims that the former Pres was wrongfully in possession of highly classified documents that he should have turned over long ago.

While he’s accounting for his previous errors, he could also look into getting new legal advice. His lawyers signed a sworn affidavit stating that there were no more government records at his property. But now, with the FBI having seized multiple sensitive records, Trump has backed himself into a problem of his, and his lawyer’s own making.

The art of the steal

The case against Trump is that he was in unauthorized possession of national defense information, had been told by the government not to keep said information on his own property, and that he had attempted to conceal the documents despite his prior warnings. If the documents relate to confidential military information, he may have violated the Espionage Act and could face conviction.

And unlike some of his other ‘infractions’, the decision to convict Trump rests firmly with the Justice Department – and not his Republican friends. So, is Trump finally backed into a corner he can’t get out from? Unless there’s a substantive change in the case against him, he could be facing criminal charges.

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