Together with Bobacino

By Scoop
August 8, 2022 · less than 3 min read

The low-profit bubble tea industry is about to get steeped in cost-cutting technology.


Because 94% of people in their twenties have purchased bubble tea in the last three months! And yet, vendors can’t afford to keep up with rapidly growing demand (especially with profit margins under 5%). 

Bobacino’s compact, fully-automated bubble tea pods can fit in most high-traffic areas for lower cost and 6X-higher profit margins. This output could translate to exponential scaling power unheard of from your average brick-and-mortar boba shop. 

Some forward-looking Bobacino facts

  • Expanding to college campuses, malls, and airports across the nation. 

  • 128% market growth projected in five years

  • $52 million revenue target in three years

And they’re taking investors as we speak. 

Become a Bobacino shareholder ahead of their nationwide expansion.

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