CEOs making bank at the expense of their workers

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July 22, 2022 · less than 3 min read

Nothing screams fairness like a 324 times wage disparity.

By the people, for the CEOs

CEOs of the top US companies earned 324 times more money than their employees in 2021. That’s at the same time real wages fell 2.4% for workers further down the chain. According to an AFL-CIO report just released, CEO pay stayed handsomely above a biting level of inflation, while the workers making the bosses’ money struggled, and often dipped below it.

It just goes to show the world is your oyster when you’re the rich, white dude pushing the buttons. In total, CEO pay, which includes salary, stocks, bonuses, and non-executive incentives, rose more than 18% in the end. Repeat after me: There isn’t enough money to go around. You all need to live within your means.

There’s power in a union

Everyone knows inequality has ballooned during the pandemic, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that there’s been a bit of a backlash. A wave of unionization has swept across major US firms, from Amazon to Apple, and after checking the take-home pay of some of those bosses, it’s easy to see why.

Amazon’s CEO, which has seen its first unionized warehouse come to fruition, earned more than $212 million. That’s nearly six and a half thousand times more than the Amazon worker. Apple’s CEO took home a meager 1,447 times more than its average worker, while Netflix’s CEO only pocketed a shy 200 times its average worker. We love a humble king.

Surprised at unionization efforts across the country? With this kind of wage disparity, who can really blame them?

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