Meta takes on Meta over Meta

By Scoop
July 21, 2022 · less than 3 min read

Turns out there was…already a Meta.

A slight miscalculation

Sometimes brand names are so synonymous with a product, they start to become the same thing. How would you describe something like a Jeep or Lego without referring to the brand name itself? Tricky, isn’t it? Facebook likely had something like that in mind when it came to rebranding itself. Only, unfortunately for them, there was already another Meta.

Art-installation firm, META, is pretty peeved about the whole situation. According to its statement, confirming it was taking legal action against Zuckerberg and co, it revealed it had been negotiating with the new Meta for over eight months, but had come to the conclusion that only legal action would save the brand name that they had put time and effort into.

About Face(book)

At the heart of META’s case: Facebook/Meta’s not-so-great privacy policy. Meta and Zuckerberg are so widely associated with data violations, META’s customers won’t buy from it anymore because they think it’s somehow associated with the social giant.

So, could we see Meta forced into a pretty quick U-turn? Probably not. There are more than a few different Meta businesses in the world, and particularly with the social Meta working in an entirely different sector, courts might not be too convinced about the state of damage done to the art company. We’ll agree it’s definitely worth a shot though.

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