NFL to find new streaming partner

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July 12, 2022 · less than 3 min read

Sports business is big business.

Up for grabs

It’s all to play for with the NFL’s Sunday Ticket. This ticket is the only way for NFL fans to watch Sunday games outside of their local broadcast markets, so it’s safe to say that this is a bit of a financial bonanza for streaming businesses. A $2 billion bonanza to be exact.

DirecTV has been the holder of this ticket up until now, but it’s not renewing, meaning the rights for the Sunday Ticket are up for auction.

Who’s in the picture?

As you can imagine, all the major broadcasters are looking to get in on the action. Apple, Amazon, and Disney, which owns ESPN+, have all submitted bids, with the NFL set to announce the new partner in the fall.

DirecTV is still willing to partner with the new streaming business, but its reduced role potentially means opening up the Sunday Ticket to a much wider audience. Before, signing up for the Sunday Ticket also meant signing up to DirecTV’s other streaming platforms for the majority. Now, that requirement is being waived.

Sports streaming: Steady investment or hot air?

Streaming packages make a huge amount of money, and seemingly only increase over time. From European soccer to the NFL, streaming businesses just can’t get enough of the rights to major sports. So, sports streaming channels are a no-brainer from an investment perspective, right?

Well not so fast. Yes, the Sunday Ticket may mean more subscribers for the chosen broadcaster, but streaming businesses, albeit entertainment ones, have been hit pretty hard this year. Streaming services are a luxury, and with many people already over-subscribed to different streamers, not every streaming business can be a success. So, what’s the best move? We think patience is a virtue – especially when the future of streaming isn’t exactly certain. Watch this space.

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