UK stores are security tagging cheese

By Scoop
July 7, 2022 · less than 3 min read

Amid a dire cost of living crisis, things are getting desperate across the pond.  

Cheesed off

Much like here in the States, things are pretty bleak over in the UK. Soaring fuel prices, the cost of living rising at a rate of knots… Sounds a little familiar, right?

And while bills are heading sky-high, so are supermarket prices. For some time, many Britons have relied on the cheaper grocery stores to make their money go a little further. But now, even the famously low-cost spots are upping their prices. With those on the breadline struggling to choose between energy and food, there’s been an uptick in shoplifting. Is it any surprise when cheddar cheese costs the equivalent of $4.75 in the ‘cheap’ stores?

Desperate times

Yup. Across the western world, it looks like we’re in bad times. Grocery stores all over the UK have upped prices to the point of obscenity, with social media harboring particular outrage at Lurpak, a favourite butter for many Brits, rising in price from £3.50 to more than £9.

In a move to better protect their supplies, numerous stores are now placing security tags on, well, pretty much everything; cheese, meat, even baby food. The UK is experiencing its highest inflation rates in 40 years, and while often the top-line numbers are merely abstract for the general population, there’s hard evidence to suggest that people’s day-to-day lives are getting tougher.

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