DroneSeed helping to rewild the forests

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July 1, 2022 · less than 3 min read

It’s sort of like that scene in Apocalypse Now – but with drones and seed planting.

It’s getting hot in here

Major wildfires are becoming the norm. From the US to France to Australia and even Siberia, the planet is burning. With each new round of devastation, the planet loses vital trees and wildlife, making it that little bit harder to fight back. Sustainability start-up, DroneSeed, hopes it has the answer.

According to the start-up, it can help generate new wildlife just 30 days after an existing fire has come to an end. Normally, this was never a problem, but with forest fires getting hotter and more powerful, the natural re-seeding that occurred is now in danger. Meaning we need to find a solution.

Making it rain

DroneSeed’s plan is very simple. Using a fleet of heavy-lift drones, the business replants burnt-out areas by raining down huge quantities of seeds. This, according to CEO, Grant Canary, makes the business a “one-stop-shop for reforestation”.

DroneSeed was the first business to receive approval by the aviation authorities, making them the first to attempt this kind of private-backed rewilding initiative. And while results aren’t always consistent – with different soils and conditions meaning that tree growth rates can vary from site to site – it’s certainly a positive step.

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