The party’s over at Airbnb

By Scoop
June 30, 2022 · less than 3 min read

They’re finally cracking down on the big party problem.

The hosting economy reloaded

It’s no secret that lots of people used Airbnb to host wild parties. It’s almost like the platform excelled in it. Scenic raves in European cities or out in the middle of nowhere. Airbnb may not have intended for its platform to be used this way, but the intuitive renters of the world always find a way to get the party started.

Or, they did. See, Airbnb never used to see consequences to its action. Sure, it undercut hotels and drove up some rent prices but who the hell was gonna stop them? Then along came the pandemic and sooner or later, the platform found itself taking on responsibilities. It had to stop people using its properties to party. And now months on, it’s putting in place a permanent ban.

Noisy neighbors

One of the massive value adds for the hosting economy is that it’s very much a drop-in, drop-out kind of gig. Hang around in a place for a few months or stop over for a night or two – it was no strings attached and super easy. And while that was a big boon for ravers who were able to set themselves up with exclusive one-time-only raves, it was a nightmare for the locals.

Without any warning, they found themselves co-ravers in a party happening six doors down. Complaints had always been made to Airbnb to crack down on it, but the platform never felt too compelled to do so. But now, the party’s over and ravers will have to look elsewhere for their kicks.

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