Google makes big moves in the public sector

By Scoop
June 30, 2022 · less than 3 min read

Defense. Been there, done that. What else is in Google’s sightline? 

A new frontier 

The public sector is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. So, it should come as no surprise that Google has its eye on it. The tech giant has been bolstering its capabilities to close in on the public sector in the next few years. 

To be honest, who better to do so. Google is one of the US’s leading tech companies. It has full suite cloud computing, analytics, cybersecurity, and technology tools, and it’s already on one of the Pentagon’s largest tech contracts, C2E, which could be worth tens of billions of dollars. It’s a contender for the Pentagon’s $9 billion Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability contract. So, where next?  

Preparing the reinforcements 

Google is homing in on the entire US public sector. Think schools, police, public transport, local government. It has even created a new division imaginatively called Google Public Sector and trebled its dedicated public-sector team in just three years. It is not just bidding for public sector contracts – Google is building the expertise and capacity needed to serve all levels of government.  

It’s been said before, Google is taking over the world. Here’s our proof. Thankfully, it’s finding ways to make all of our lives easier and safer. 

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