Amazon to limit contraceptive pill sales

By Scoop
June 30, 2022 · less than 3 min read

It’s saying demand for the Plan B pill is too high.

Stocking up

Triggered by the Supreme Court’s decision to revoke the constitutional right to an abortion, women across America are stocking up on Plan B – a legal contraceptive pill that can be bought over the counter and is distinct from abortion law.

Due to spiking demand, Amazon has become the latest retailer to limit the purchases of the pill. Since the ruling, organizations have been urging women to stock up on the pill in case of any further rulings that overturn the right to use them.

One of many

Amazon isn’t the only one to be taking the step. Walmart and CVS have both reported spiking demand for the pills and have taken steps to limit the number of pills that can be bought. In Amazon’s case, only three units per week can now be bought.

The overturning of Roe v Wade last week brought an end to the constitutional right to abortion, leaving it up to voters to elect pro-choice politicians if they want pro-choice policies. And while many states announced they would continue to support a woman’s right to choose and wouldn’t be implementing any kind of bans, other states moved quickly to start doing exactly that – pending some legal challenges.

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