How well is your city run?

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June 29, 2022 · less than 3 min read

The rankings are in for the best and worst-run cities in the States – and for the Golden City and the Big Apple, it’s not pretty reading.

Unpretty cities

What do you make of your city? Are you proud to call it home, or is it a real trash town? Well, the results are in from a recent survey, which looks at how efficiently the country’s biggest metropolitan areas are operating. New Yorkers, Washingtonians, San Franciscans – look away now.

The recent WalletHub study looked at a number of factors in determining how well 150 of the most populated US cities were run; things like financial stability, education, health, safety, infrastructure and pollution. Using 38 relevant metrics – weighted in order of importance – the analysis saw each metric scored out of 100, giving us the final rankings table. And who came out on top? Nampa, ID. Congrats, gang.

Who is down bad?

At the foot of the table sits Washington, D.C. Yup, and with it being the place where, y’know, the country is run and all, there’s no need for us to point out the irony. But hey, New York and San Francisco, don’t laugh too soon – you’re sat at 148 and 149, respectively. Yeah, out of 150.

We can laugh, but this is people’s lives we’re talking about. Ultimately, it’s a stark message to those at the top of the chain in cities across the country; improvements need to be made to the quality of their city services and the total budget they have available per resident – and fast. We’re just glad it’s not us in the hot seat.

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