Pro-choice voices speak out for abortion rights

By Scoop
June 28, 2022 · less than 3 min read

SCOTUS might have overturned Roe v Wade, but many US employers don’t feel the same about abortion.

Supreme Court undercut by companies

Unless you’ve been living under a very large rock – if so, we’re jealous – you know that the US Supreme Court has officially overturned the constitutional right to safe abortion access.

It will not automatically become illegal to get an abortion across the 50 states. Instead, individual states will decide if and how to allow abortions. 13 states have already passed “trigger laws,” with 20 more making moves to limit access. A big portion of the US is up in arms, marching for the right to privacy and protesting this SCOTUS decision.

Among that portion are businesses of all shapes and sizes, pledging to cover staff travel expenses for abortions required in states that make them illegal. Significant names on that list include Amazon, Citigroup, Disney, JP Morgan, Lyft and Meta.

Some employees won’t lose the right to choose

Even with threats from lawmakers, most companies are pushing ahead with their plans to support staff. If an employee can’t access a safe abortion in their home state, they will have to go elsewhere, and these employers pledge to cover the expenses that follow this need.

As a spokeswoman for JP Morgan put it recently, “We’re focused on the health and well-being of our employees, and want to ensure equitable access to all benefits.” While some support the Supreme Court’s recent decision, others are officially shaking their heads at SCOTUS and boldly sidestepping their intentions.

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