Naomi Osaka joins forces with Lebron James

By Scoop
June 23, 2022 · less than 3 min read

The pair will launch their own media enterprise – Hana Kuma.

Seizing the spotlight

Former women’s Grand Slam winner, Naomi Osaka, is stepping into the media game. She’s partnering with sporting icon Lebron James to launch a media company focusing on scripted and non-fictional content of the inspiring kind.

In a statement, Osaka revealed that the current media and streaming landscape was naturally leading toward new stories and voices being heard, stating: “There has been an explosion of creators of color finally being equipped with resources and a huge platform”.

Breaking new ground

Hana Kuma’s first work will be about the first woman of color ever elected to the US Congress, Patsy Mink, and this certainly fits the media firm’s commitment to telling empowering and culturally specific stories.

So what’s Lebron’s involvement? He started The SpringHill Company a couple years back, so he’s no stranger to the world of media production. SpringHill will be providing production and strategic resources to Hana Kuma, so having done this circuit already, we can expect Lebron’s wise words to really set Hana Kuma on the right path.

There’s no timeline for Hana Kuma’s first works, but it’s clearly an exciting time to be in the sports media landscape.

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