Going once. Going twice. Sold, to eBay Live

By Scoop
June 20, 2022 · less than 3 min read

The bidding platform is going full circle, bringing online and real-world auction experiences together.  

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The world before eBay was a wildly different place. Pulp Fiction. Tamagotchis. Dial-up. And, uh, rocking up to an actual auction. The 90s, what a time. Of course, many of us have a yearning for those halcyon days. Baggy sweaters and Friends are as popular as ever. And now, eBay is bringing bidding back to reality, with real-world auctions.

Currently in the Beta stage of release, it’s going to launch first with collectables like super rare trading cards, just to see how smoothly things run.  

How will it work?

According to eBay, the platform “lets enthusiasts discover, chat and purchase instantly, from anywhere in the world.” In a move to make bidding more interactive and ‘live’, the technology will combine entertainment with instant purchasing, ultimately inviting shoppers to engage with products as if they were in a traditional offline shop.

The first event will take place on June 22, and shoppers can expect to bid on some of the most highly coveted trading cards around. Hosted by avid collector DJ Skee, buyers will be able to join in with the fun as a community, chatting and reacting to purchases to give the feel of a real-life auction. Allowing users to get involved from anywhere in the world means we’re not really in for a taste of the pre-eBay times – we’re just watching the world getting smaller every day.

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