Say goodbye to Internet Explorer

By Scoop
June 17, 2022 · less than 3 min read

The browser joins the 27 Club. RIP.  

Another one bites the dust 

We’ve lost too many OGs in the last few months. First Blackberry, then the iPod. Now, we’re wiping a tear from our eyes as Internet Explorer bids a fond farewell.  

Microsoft confirmed this week that it would no longer be offering fixes or supports to Internet Explorer, meaning that the most popular browser for searching ‘Google Chrome’ on will no longer be updated. It’s a sad day for the browser that offered a whole world of exploration to a generation of internet users.  

The exponential internet 

Announcing the retirement, Microsoft stated that incremental improvements to Explorer were just not able to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the internet. Explorer was famed for having more than its fair share of bugs and glitches, and while Microsoft engineers were getting stuck into the coding and hardwiring of the program, Google raced past and became the undisputed browser leader.  

Where once Internet Explorer had 90% of the browsing world waiting on its every move in the early 2000s, it now only has users in the low single-digit percentages. Google Chrome is top dog now, so while Internet Explorer may not have ever been cut out for long-term success, we’re sad to be saying another farewell to an internet staple. Sort of.   

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