Biden mulls visit to Saudi Arabia

By Scoop
June 15, 2022 · less than 3 min read

From pariah to partner and back again – Biden’s Saudi policy just keeps changing.

Under pressure

Unlike the rest of the country, the president is feeling the heat. Skyrocketing inflation is ripping across the US, making energy and oil prices uber-expensive. And while it’s hardly Joe Biden’s fault a Russian madman is set on starving the world of energy and food, someone has to take the fall. Unfortunately for Biden, it’s looking like he’s the sacrificial lamb.

If oil is the question, for some Saudi Arabia is the answer. And while Biden has been more than forthcoming with his criticism of the Saudi regime in the past, particularly over its human rights record, he’s got to get that energy pipeline flowing again. So, it’s rumored that Biden could be heading to the kingdom in the near future to talk all things energy.

Nothing’s official until it’s official

No trip is in the presidential diary just yet, and Biden has said if any trip goes ahead, it won’t be just to go cap in hand to the Saudi crown prince over energy. But it’s clear that the war in Ukraine isn’t ending any time soon. Meaning neither will energy disruption.

Biden will have to swallow his pride, but unless he finds a solution to his energy woes, he can expect his popularity ratings to keep falling. Flip-flopping he may be, but without a solution, he’ll be in much worse trouble come election season.

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