NASA to build UFO research team

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June 13, 2022 · less than 3 min read

UFOs or UAPs – either way, NASA is interested.

Unlikely encounters

UFOs have captured the attention (or imaginations) of people around the world for years. But rarely, if ever, has a government actually taken steps to make public what it knows about UFOs. Now, that could all be set to change.

Okay NASA isn’t the government itself, but the revelation that the space agency was set to launch a research team into UFOs was a pretty big deal. The study produced will be public and open, and will be looking into claims of unidentified objects most usually made by military pilots.

Not all that glitters…

NASA’s intervention in the UFO debate isn’t the only one. In fact, in an effort to pour water on some of the most sensationalist rumors, the Pentagon and Department of Defense have also been creaking open the trap door on this wild topic.

The Pentagon released its own investigation into the potential origins of UFOs. These include anything from airborne clutter to natural atmospheric phenomena, but an ‘other’ category remains listed for events that it cannot explain.

We’re not expecting revelations about alien life on Earth from this new research team, and a report won’t be ready for an estimated nine months – if we believe what we’re being told. One thing’s for sure though – the government is slowly but surely revealing what it knows about UFOs to the public.

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