Mexican munchies in minutes with new drive-thru

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June 9, 2022 · less than 3 min read

The first Taco Bell Defy, which you’ll find in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, is built to be as app and delivery friendly as possible.

Taco ‘bout a drive-thru with a difference

Taco Bell Defy has been in the works for over a year. Many more could follow if this first drive-thru with a twist is a success. Taco Bell President Mike Grams aims to create “a two-minute or less drive-thru experience for customers” via the new concept, speeding up service through effective use of tech.

The location is two stories, with a kitchen on the upper level and a “food tube” that brings meals down to the lower level ready to serve. Yum. It’s different from your classic drive-thru experience – even beyond the cool new lift that franchise owner Lee Engler dubbed “the first one of its kind” – because it prioritizes app-based and delivery orders.

Three out of the four drive-thru lanes let people check in, scan a QR code and pick up food they’ve already ordered. Third-party delivery drivers can also pick up food easily using the same system.

Future-friendly fast food

The pandemic has accelerated the future of fast food. Customer habits and wants have changed. Many are clamoring for exactly what Taco Bell Defy offers – a dedicated drive-thru lane for mobile orders. How about THREE, folks?

In just two years since Feb 2020, The NPD Group says digital orders have grown by 117%, delivery orders by 116%, and drive-thru orders by 20%. Ghost kitchens have also risen in popularity – not as spooky as they sound. At Taco Bell Defy, you can’t dine in. But you can grab your meal and go in record time.

The chain has always been among the fastest US fast-food giants, with their average waiting time clocking in at 268 seconds. Halving that number and giving the people what they want could really change the game. Burrito anyone?

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