Peter Thiel has got the power

By Scoop
June 1, 2022 · less than 3 min read

The PayPal founder is putting stacks of cash behind Republican candidates – meaning his endorsement is a hot ticket.    

Do ya Thiel-y like it?  

Peter Thiel is big time. Referred to as the ‘don’ of the OG PayPal Mafia – a group that also included Elon Musk – the founder of PayPal is jumping feet-first into politics, and he’s a man on a mission.  

With the midterms edging closer, Thiel fancies himself a kingmaker. He’s already thrown $10 million at author JD Vance, the winner of the Senate Republican primary in Ohio, and now is plowing $13.5m into supporting former employee, Blake Masters, for the US Senate seat in Arizona. And you know who is really digging Peter Thiel’s political moves? One Donald Trump.  

Donny and the don  

Despite being an early investor in Facebook, Thiel recently stepped down from the Meta board, apparently to ‘advance the Trump agenda’. And what is that? Oh yeah, the whole ‘election fraud’ thing. Of course.  

Thiel is in Donny’s good books then, having donated an estimated $25m to 15 other 2022 candidates for the House and Senate that are readily towing Trump’s election line. With many strings to his investment bow, he’s a little more flexible than the former president – but certainly has the same issues with the apparent war on free speech. No wonder he and Elon are old pals.  

Whether Thiel’s support will help prop up a wounded Republican party remains to be seen – but with that many 0s in his bank account, he’ll be damned if he doesn’t give it a shot.    

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