No candle space on Lincoln’s cake

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May 31, 2022 · less than 3 min read

The Lincoln Memorial, Washington’s most popular monument, is celebrating its 100th birthday.

Happy birthday, Mr. Lincoln

The Lincoln Memorial is officially 100 years old. Hopefully, that makes you feel young by comparison, even if your knees have started creaking. Constructed from more than 150 tons of white marble, Lincoln and his neoclassical temple have sat at the heart of the US capital for a century now.

Built to honor ‘Honest Abe’, the memorial was designed by architect Henry Bacon. If you’ve ever seen it up close, you’ll have spotted the cool details, from the 36 columns representing the states of the Union when Lincoln died, to the 48 stone festoons representing the 48 states back in 1922, when it was built. All in all, it’s pretty impressive.

Aging like a fine wine

Around eight million people a year come to see Lincoln in his giant seat. He’s no doubt got the title of most popular statue in all of DC, and the monument has been the setting for some huge historical moments. Some may recall a certain Dr. King standing there in ’63, telling folks about a dream he had.

If you’re wondering how the president is looking so great for his age, he’s got a better skincare technique than most of us. Regular dusting, brushing, and pressure washing. I mean, we wouldn’t recommend you try it at home, but it works for Abe. Here’s to another 100 years, right?

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