TikTok trials premium service

By Scoop
May 25, 2022 · less than 3 min read

Tech firms are trying to keep their heads above water, and TikTok thinks it’s got a good solution.  

TikTok tipping 

TikTok soared to success with its viral video platform. But like every tech firm, it’s being forced into finding new ways to keep itself afloat. Now, its new program, ‘Live Subscription’, will let users tip their favorite creators for access to exclusive rewards. 

It’s not rocket science, and there are lots of streaming and content platforms already out there doing this kind of thing, but TikTok’s decision to monetize those millions of followers just goes to show that tech firms are looking to up their revenue streams.  

The content economy reloaded 

The ‘patronage’ angle – where users tip their favorite creators – also has another side to it. For all the ‘influencing’ and ‘aspirational’ messaging, plying your trade online is one of the most insecure professions in the world. Supposedly, by giving creators a little bit more of a regular income, the quality and sustainability of these online jobs could improve.  

So are we adding professional TikToker to our LinkedIn profiles soon? Maybe it’s a little bit premature for that. The beta version of Live Subscription is launching tomorrow, so we can expect at least a little troubleshooting and problem-solving before we start dancing our way to wealth and fame. But if you’re eyeing up a career change, you now know where to look.   

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