British PM just can’t stop partying… Illegally

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May 25, 2022 · less than 3 min read

While the UK was in lockdown, Boris Johnson was having the time of his life.  

Party don’t start ‘till I walk in 

If you haven’t been following the headlines from across the pond, hear this: The British PM loves to party. Nobody – not even a pandemic or a national lockdown – could stop him. A police investigation into parties during lockdown has seen him, his economy minister and several others fined. The latest twist? Despite being fined for attending one party, there’s a whole amount of proof he was actually at more than one. 

Yet despite the London police force, who were investigating the parties, seeing the photo, they haven’t ordered any additional fines to the PM. Smell a rat? So does everyone else.  

A foggy affair 

And things only get more suspicious. An internal report by British civil servant Sue Gray will be published this week. Only it’s just been revealed that she had held meetings with Boris Johnson himself about the ‘handling of the report’.  

‘Partygate’ is a controversy that has gripped the UK for months now. It’s seen the incumbent Conservatives drop to second in the polls, and members of his own party, as well as a huge section of the public, demanding Johnson’s resignation. BoJo has, of course, flat-out refused to do this – despite being found to have broken the law.  

While people were stopped from seeing loved ones for the last time, were blocked from attending funerals and weren’t able to see family and friends for months on end, Boris Johnson was living it up. As UK courts work back through a backlog of Covid breaches and fines to be dished out to members of the public who breached regulations, Downing Steet – the heart of British democracy – is now the most-fined address in the UK.  

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