Groceries for data? Meet Amazon’s new shopping feature

By Scoop
May 18, 2022 · less than 3 min read

“Alexa – grab me a six-pack.” 

Selling your shopping list 

Amazon is like a kid that never sits still. Always restless, never stationary, forever looking for the next opportunity for a good time. What does the retail giant want? Data. Always data. And as usual, it looks like Bezos and co. are about to get what they want.  

The new feature, called Alexa Shopping List Savings, is a seamless way to encourage buyers to hand over their data. How are they doing it? One word: Coupons. Everyone loves to make a saving, so for each item added to a grocery list, customers can add coupons to their account in the Alexa app. The savings stack up, and can then be used with a digital Amazon gift card within days. The catch? You relinquish control of your shopping data.

The house always wins 

The offers that you can pick up are available in stores nationwide. So, the catch-all net for Amazon’s latest data haul is a biggy. As with any sort of purchase on Amazon, adding offers to your shopping list is pretty easy, too. You can either let Alexa know, or tap it into your phone. What we’re seeing could well be a new era for coupon usage – and Amazon, of course, will benefit.  

Many people are fine with dishing their data if it means trimming costs. But be aware: Amazon’s privacy policy makes no promises about anonymizing data, nor how it’ll be used. So, make yourself a little saving. Take a little off that grocery bill. Treat yourself. Just don’t be surprised if Amazon starts keeping a close eye on you.  

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