Apple threatens workers with unionization backlash

By Scoop
May 16, 2022 · less than 3 min read

If at first you don’t succeed… Maybe just fire them? 

Juicy fruit 

A leaked memo to Apple managers shows that the tech giant is taking active anti-union measures to prevent a unionization drive across its US workforce. Already, three of its stores have filed for a unionization ballot, and things are starting to get heated. 

In the memo, Apple managers are instructed to inform their workers that they could lose merit-based promotions, career opportunities, paid leave, and even support with their immigration status if they vote in favor of unionization. Apple hasn’t officially said it’s against unionization – but this memo sure suggests it is.  

Riding the wave 

Only a very small handful of Apple stores are looking at a union ballot at current, so there’s no immediate need for panic just yet. But it’s not only what’s happening on its own shop floors that could have Apple turning sour.  

From Amazon to Starbucks, many of the major companies in the US are seeing their workforce band together through unionization efforts, leaving Tim Cook and co. on edge. Maybe that’s the reason why Apple has kept leading anti-union law firm, Littler Mendelson, on its books.  

Whether officially or unofficially, Apple could be gearing up for a fight with its labor force.  

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