Google’s translating glasses

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May 13, 2022 · less than 3 min read

Excellent news for Mr. Worldwide.  

Wherever you are 

Google’s been investing time and money into translating. Smart camera technology in the Google Pixel mobile devices is capable of looking at foreign languages and translating them automatically. And now, Google’s new smart glasses can listen to any language and translate it in real-time.  

Users will see captions appearing on their lenses, so wherever in the world you’re hanging out, you’ll never be left without a handy turn of phrase.  

Not so fast… 

Although maybe we’re just getting a bit ahead of ourselves here. Google’s hyperclever glasses are only a prototype, and as of now, there are no actual plans for a commercial release. Google has been dipping its toe into the waters of augmented reality tech for years. Remember Google Glass? Yep, that little experiment proved too expensive and, in the end, just looked completely ridiculous. So it’ll be interesting to see whether or not the new project can pick up where the Google Glass left off.  

Meta is another company already hard at work in the smart glasses space. Already with a Ray-Ban collab on the market, it’s looking like a market that could be ripe for the picking. 

The only real risk to the future of Google’s Smart Glasses are the headwinds currently battering tech firms. Should the storm continue, we might see some smart prototypes put on the backburner. For now though, it’s full steam ahead for tech and fashion’s latest hybrid.  

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