White House meets Starbucks unionizers

By Scoop
May 10, 2022 · less than 3 min read

Thoughts and prayers with Starbucks at this difficult time.

A presidential touch

The president, vice-president and Labor secretary all met with the now-famous Starbucks union as they launched a task force aimed AT encouraging collective bargaining, unionization, and workers rights. A true vote of confidence in the rapidly growing Starbucks union.

Unsurprisingly, the big dogs at Starbucks were none too happy about it. The company quickly fired out a letter to the White House, expressing its ‘deep concern’ that it wasn’t able to send anti-union representatives as well. Because, you know, at a collective bargaining meeting, it would of course make a lot of sense to have anti-union representatives, too.

A changing wind

The Starbucks union is one of America’s fastest-growing unions – in headlines, and in numbers. For months now, the union has been on a hugely successful drive that has caused the Starbucks suits and ties no shortage of headaches. They’ve already tried plying workers with NFTs and union-busting tactics, so the White House’s show of confidence will be another big headache for the firm.

The intervention comes at a pretty good time for Biden, who is under increasing criticism for his handling of the inflation crisis plaguing the country. He’ll no doubt be looking to shore up his support among working-class folks at a time when he’s beginning to feel the heat.

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