Moderna’s profit booster

By Scoop
May 9, 2022 · less than 3 min read

Creating a globally sought-after vaccine is the key to success, apparently. 

Mo’ money Moderna  

Global slowdown? What global slowdown? Moderna’s Q1 figures have blown even their most optimistic predictions out of the water. All told, the firm sold just under $6 billion worth of Covid vaccines in the first quarter, and is well on track to outstrip its year target of $21 billion. Juicy.   

The bumper start to the year has been driven by concerns about future variants and the need to keep rolling out the vaccine to people who haven’t yet been jabbed. Of course, the good times can’t keep on rolling forever, and the firm is already looking to move its future vaccines toward potential Covid mutations still to come.  

A winning strategy? 

Moderna isn’t the only one with eyes on the future. Across the global North, Covid is becoming much less of a priority than it was during the heady days of 2020, and with the new post-Covid reality setting in, the FDA has scheduled a meeting for late June to look at what a future vaccination strategy should be.  

To minimize more winter surges, the FDA is looking to get updated vaccines rolling out to the public before the end of the year. Great news if you’re first on the list – not so great news for the firms looking to get a new vaccine rapidly scaled-up.  

So with eyes on the future, Moderna’s top dogs will be delighted with the way things are going – but there’s no doubt that the road ahead is paved with more challenges.  

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