Markle faces the cut

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May 4, 2022 · less than 3 min read

Her animated Netflix drama has been dropped like a royal title. 

Contingency plans 

Royal life isn’t always a pathway to private sector success. But neither is going it alone, either. Since leaving the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have watched a multi-million inheritance income evaporate. So, together, they founded Archewell Productions, a great ‘in’ with the world of film and media. 

Such a cutthroat industry takes no prisoners though – even if your grandma-in-law is the Queen of England – and Netflix execs are no exception. Having recorded a drop in subscribers, the firm has been battered financially and is making drastic maneuvers to keep things afloat. Unfortunately for Archewell, Markle’s animated drama hasn’t made the cut.  

All that glitters… 

The animated series, Pearl, was to be Archewell’s first collaboration with Netflix, but its cancellation highlights the newfound difficulties the streaming giant has been landed with. Cutting back on some of its future projects is a big step for Netflix towards clawing back some of the mega losses it’s chalked up; in the year-to-date, Netflix’s shares are down just over 65% – something verging on unprecedented.  

But cuts are by no means the only thing in the Netflix emergency textbook. And by that, we mean: Wave goodbye to using your ex’s Netflix account. The company is looking to bring that all to a halt, and in doing so, rake millions into Netflix’s coffers. Not ideal for those that live by the ‘sharing is caring’ mantra, though.  

Despite having one of the shiniest tools in the trade, the former royals are finding the private sector a little more difficult than smiling and waving.  

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