White House guns for rogue drones

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April 28, 2022 · less than 3 min read

The increased security threat of drones has got the Biden administration worried.    

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… 

In the right hands, drones can be a real force for good. They’re incredibly useful for research, security, and – let’s be honest – can also be super fun when it comes to camerawork. But as with all leading technology, in the wrong hands, drones can be dangerous. And this is why the White House is making moves to crack down on their widespread use. 

According to the administration, drones are being used in the US “to commit crimes, conduct illegal surveillance and industrial espionage, and thwart law enforcement efforts at the local, state and federal level”. With this in mind, more power is needed to bring ‘em down.  

Game of drones 

The Federal Aviation Administration projects that more than 2 million drones will be in circulation in the States by 2024. And while most users are abiding by the law, the bad eggs in the drone community need to be stopped. A stark warning came from across the pond back in December 2018, when hundreds of flights out of London’s Gatwick Airport were canceled due to drones flying close to the runway.  

And more sinister threats may be prevalent, too. Attacks on politicians have been made using drones in Iraq and Venezuela, and closer to home they’ve been used to smuggle contraband inside prisons. So, maybe the White House’s action plan is needed. It’s calling for more tracking and monitoring, and the expansion of counter-drone authorities. Better safe than sorry, right? Just remember to leave your drone at home the next time you take a trip to DC.  

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