Trump throws a temper tantrum

By Scoop
April 25, 2022 · less than 3 min read

In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, the former president lost his temper. What else is new?   

Knowing me, knowing you 

Piers Morgan and Donald Trump. A duo for the ages. Having had their moment in the sun, the pair are now scrambling to remain relevant, and so decided to get the band back together for another tango.  

In the UK, Morgan has developed a reputation for walking off-air while on live TV when things don’t go his way. But having mastered the perpetually British trait of constantly failing upward, the infamous tv showman has a new show on Rupert Murdoch-backed TalkTV. Enter, Donald Trump.  

Too good to be true? 

It didn’t take long for Trump to get rattled. Despite the supposedly special relationship between the pair, Trump branded Morgan “a disloyal fool” and seemingly walked out of the interview. Only since the interview, Trump’s team has rowed back on this.  

They’re saying the trailer has been unfairly edited to show the former president getting wound up and then leaving the set, when that wasn’t at all what happened. Morgan has struck back saying nothing has been edited and that, of course, people should watch the interview and then decide for themselves. So, it looks like someone is spouting fake news. But who is it this time?  

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