How InfoWars lost the info wars

By Scoop
April 20, 2022 · less than 3 min read

In a dark day for conspiracists everywhere, Alex Jones is wrapping things up. 

The end of the road 

The career prospects for conspiracy theorists tend to be short-lived. But eager to put this theory to the test, Alex Jones and InfoWars shot to infamy several years ago for making baffling claim after baffling claim, winning ample support from fellow tin-foil-hat-wearers in the process. Some previous hits include: frogs being turned gay by water chemicals, and the government creating freak weather. But by far and away his most infamous claim was that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a staged event.  

Unfortunately for Jones, such an aversion to the truth can only sustain a man for so long. Having already been ousted from almost all major streaming outlets, InfoWars has been background music for some time. And now on the receiving end of serious legal claims, Jones has been forced to declare bankruptcy.  

Turning it up to 11 

The bankruptcy filing won’t just see InfoWars ending its broadcast, either. Affiliated networks, such as Prison Planet and IWHealth, are also included as part of the bankruptcy, and could also disappear. While Jones’ parent company, Free Speech Systems LLC, doesn’t appear to be in dire straits just yet, his financial situation is serious.  

In the filing, Jones states to owning assets between $0 and $50,000, but to owing debts of between $1 million and $10 million. A pretty extreme amount of debt, but he’s rarely helped the cause. In the ongoing case brought by the families of the Sandy Hook victims, Jones has missed multiple scheduled depositions, leading to daily fines heaping on top of his existing debts. 

With seemingly no way out of this one, it looks like Jones is heading off-air. Permanently.  

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