Britain’s Boris fined for lockdown partying

By Scoop
April 14, 2022 · less than 3 min read

The British prime minister is in the bad books with the police… and the public.  

Oh no for BoJo 

Prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the news on everyone’s lips in the UK was ‘partygate’. Had the prime minister thrown parties in 10 Downing Street while telling the country to stick to the rules? There was outrage, there were calls for him to quit, but Johnson clung on.  

But just as it looked like he was out of the woods, partygate has reared its head once again. Having been officially charged by the police for breaking lockdown restrictions, Johnson has been left without a leg to stand on.  

Who likes a quitter? 

Despite being found to have broken the law, Johnson has outright rejected calls to quit. Instead, he said it “did not occur” to him that the event was wrong. From being too shameless to admit breaking the rules in the first place, to not realizing he had broken them at all, people are beginning to wonder: Is the British PM a felon, or just plain dumb?

Boris isn’t the only one to be hit with fines. His wife, who threw one of the parties for his birthday, has also been charged, alongside the UK’s fancy chancellor, Rishi Sunak. Despite being tee-total, he was also seen to be partying with the rest. And while he may once have had eyes for the top job himself, Sunak might well be seeing the opportunity fade away. 

With the Russia-Ukraine conflict waging on though, don’t expect to see Johnson shifted from the hot seat any time soon. He has a job to do – and more beers to sink.  

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