Four-day week could be a Cali reality

By Scoop
April 13, 2022 · less than 3 min read

A new bill could see the Golden State’s working week drop from 40 hours per week to 32. 


The four-day week is all the rage. And if California lawmakers have anything to do with it, the state will be the first in the US to cut the working week. Or for some companies, anyway.  

If the bill passes, companies with more than 500 employees will still be able to keep the working day at eight hours, but employees working more than 32 hours a week will be entitled to full overtime pay. Not bad, right?  

Around the world 

The four-day working week – or California’s version of it – has gathered traction since the pandemic began. From offering huge benefits in productivity to increasing employment levels, reduced hours could have a sizable impact on the economy.  

And it’s not all theory either. Trials around the world have shown just how tangible the rewards of a reduced working week are. Iceland tested a 35-36 hour week and found that the four-day week was a resounding success, and even in Japan – famous for its long hours – the government is recommending large firms take steps the cut the hours that employees work.  

So, could Cali-four-nia lead the charge towards a three-day weekend? Only time will tell.  

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