Drone delivery direct to you

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April 6, 2022 · less than 3 min read

Keep your eyes on the skies – the drones have got your parcel and they’re on their way. 

Delivering candy to a baby 

We knew it was coming. You knew it was coming. The drone delivery revolution is here. Well, sort of. Alphabet – Google’s parent company – will begin the US’s largest drone delivery program ever on Thursday, so if you’re Dallas-based, don’t be alarmed if you see drones taking to the sky.  

They’ll only be delivering small bits and pieces at first, so don’t worry about that ornate table – it’s safe in human hands. The trial is mainly just flying out ice creams, first aid kits and medical goods to iron out any hidden flaws. It’s a pilot program – just with no pilot.  

Flying toys or the future of retail?  

But some people are posing a valid question: What issue does drone delivery really solve? Unless hefty megadrones start taking to the sky, they’ll really only ever be capable of delivering small pieces – and one at a time, at that. Is it really more efficient than a driver? And do we really want skies full of drones anyway? 

The main appeal here is that it cuts down on some of the smaller journeys. Take the example of a remote ranch in the Midwest. Maybe one that could be the setting of a horror flick. Now, let’s say they order a small toy. It wouldn’t really pay to send an electric truck out that way for a single tiny item. So, if it means cutting down on some of those remote deliveries, maybe it will be a hit after all.  

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