Zelensky rallies the Grammys

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April 5, 2022 · less than 3 min read

The Ukrainian president delivered a hard-hitting message at the Grammy awards.  

“What is more opposite to music?” 

Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion, Volodymyr Zelensky has been winning the information war. Delivering pre-recorded speeches to European parliaments, Congress, and now the Grammy Awards, Zelensky has been doing his utmost to rally support for Ukraine’s war effort.  

The former actor, whose skills in front of the camera speak for themselves, delivered somber messages to the Grammy attendees. His stark speech told the rapt crowd that Ukrainian musicians were wearing body armor on the front lines instead of tuxedos, and that instead of practicing their instruments, the next generation of Ukrainian music was fighting for survival.  

One more song 

Despite troubling news surfacing from the invasion in the east, there’s little question that the Ukrainian resistance has proven to be more effective than many military experts predicted. Having initially planned to swoop into Kyiv and depose the defiant Ukrainian president in a matter of days, Russia’s northern front has, by many accounts, been pushed back to Belarus, giving hope that Ukraine could yet hold out.  

Rallying people around the world, Zelensky is hoping to draw as much support as possible for Ukraine’s cause. In his own words: 

“To all our cities the war is destroying. Chernihiv. Kharkiv. Volnovakha. Mariupol and others. They are legends already, but I have a dream of them living and free.” 

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