NYC to risk it all on casinos

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April 1, 2022 · less than 3 min read

Three new casinos are set to hit NYC, as state lawmakers prepare to add a high-rolling casino to millionaire row.  

Risking it all 

It might not be the official Sin City, but what the Big Apple does, it does big. Authorities are currently hammering out a deal that would see three new casinos move into Manhattan – including one on top of the Saks building.  

Now, this isn’t all coming out of the blue. Gambling firms have been knocking on the door for years, reminding NYC authorities just how much tax revenue they’re missing out on. And when knocking didn’t work, they loosened the purse strings. Gambling businesses have been spending about $300,000 a month trying to create an audience in the halls of power. And it seems they’ve finally struck gold.  

More than meets the eye 

But salubrious dens of vice these casinos will not be. State senators have warmed to the plans, as instead of targeting working-class New Yorkers, these hideaways will be catering to the mega rich. The mayor of NYC, Eric Adams, who is known to be partial to a game of dice, also seems to be in favor of the plans. His chief of staff was seen meeting with the CEO of Las Vegas Sands, Robert Goldstein. 

And if that’s not enough, even the unions like the idea. The Hotel and Gaming Trades Council is lobbying hard for the 10,000 jobs the casinos would make, with union boss Richard Maroko stating, “these are jobs that pay $36 an hour, have free family health care and have a pension plan”.  

If consensus is an indicator of political will, when unions and gambling bosses sit at the table together, it’s normally a good sign.    

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