The revolution will be scooter-ized

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March 30, 2022 · less than 3 min read

With gas prices sky rocketing, commuters and city-dwellers are looking for other modes of transport – and e-scooters are coming up trumps.  

The future is now 

The electric scooter market is exploding. They’re certainly not brand new on the circuit – demand for scooters and e-bikes has been bubbling away happily for a couple of years now. But with supply chain issues hitting suburbia’s supply of four-by-fours hard, e-scooters are having their day in the sun.   

Fluidfreeride, an e-scooter marketplace and manufacturer, has sold double last month’s units. And if that’s got you raising a wry eyebrow, their figures are 70% up on last year’s.   

A no-brainer for commuters 

Commuters have done the math. Car and gas prices are making motoring more and more inaccessible, so turning to e-scooters makes financial sense.  

Like cars, the cost of e-scooters can vary wildly. Cheaper options start at around $300, while more heavyweight models can set you back a couple thousand. But for commuters simply looking to zip a few miles across town each day, it won’t take long before the scooter starts paying for itself without gas, parking or car maintenance costs to worry about.  

And while electric cars might extend beyond the budget for those looking to do less damage to the environment, scooters are an affordable, eco-friendly way to get around. Just watch out for those potholes.  

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