Trump Jr. trumps the media

By Scoop
March 25, 2022 · less than 3 min read

From social media start-ups to news aggregation apps, the Trump family has the legacy media in its sights. Again.

Enter stage right

The younger Trump’s latest creation, MxM, is a challenger news aggregation app, which breaks down the ‘true news’ into digestible chunks. His ultimate aim is to challenge the likes of Apple News and Google News in the aggregation space. The same way the Drudge Report broke into online publishing, Fox News switched up broadcasting and the same way Truth Social… well.

The common argument is that the media is not accurately representing the American people with the stories that interest them, and that’s not a hugely partisan standpoint. Whether you’re blue or red, people are increasingly turning to independent media to reinforce their opinion… Wait, no… challenge their beliefs. So to really shake things up, Trump Jr. will need to find an audience not already monopolized by Apple and Google. For that reason, MxM expects early users to lean “right of centre”. Play to your strengths. Smart.

The true news

But we live in an age of media skepticism and interpretation. There has been no shortage of challenger news outlets, independent reporters and viral sensations, but we’ve really yet to see one step up to the heights of significantly challenging the established press.

So while we might not always trust or like the way the media covers current affairs, moving us on to consume start-up media, and only start-up media, is a whole ‘nother thing.

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