Weddings to hit the comeback trail in 2022

By Scoop
March 21, 2022 · less than 3 min read

It’s set to be a bumper year for those looking to tie the knot.

The icing on the cake

Weddings everywhere have been put on hold for months, even years. But with vaccines rolling out across the world, it looks like just about everyone in America has decided now is the time to tie the knot. As many as 2.5 million weddings are slated for the year ahead – the most since 1984.

The majority of these are rescheduled events from the last couple of years – so kudos all around to couples keeping things steady during the bad times.

Trouble ahead

But money can’t buy you love. While it’s great that everyone’s so committed to getting hitched, there’s a problem: wedding planners are looking at some serious overtime.

There are more bottlenecks than bridesmaids when it comes to weddings, so planners aren’t just sitting still. With high demand and a steady supply comes higher prices, and you’d better believe that’s what is happening. Not only are you going to need to be flexible on dates, you might need to loosen those purse strings – the average cost of a wedding is set to rise from $22,000 to $25,000. Ouch.

So, while love is in the air, it’s not all going to be plain sailing. Check the dates and check your balance – they might both be on the move before too long.

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