Masks no more for Heathrow Airport

By Scoop
March 18, 2022 · less than 3 min read

UK’s largest airport drops mask rules for passengers in the country’s latest step towards ‘living with Covid’.

Mingling mask-free

While the UK reeled back its Covid-19 restrictions in January, it’s taken the aviation industry a little longer to follow suit. And with millions of travelers all cramming together in a human Heathrow sandwich, maybe that’s not without reason.

But now, in a breathy step towards freedom, the busiest airport in the UK will no longer ask people to wear masks in its terminals, following British Airways and Virgin Atlantic in relaxing restrictions.

What about other destinations?

Masks will still be available for those that want them, and while some will feel a sense of liberation at not having to cover their face, it’s not the first time that scientists are raising a polite eyebrow while sipping on their tea. The UK may have abolished Coronavirus once and for all, but many other countries are still asking travelers to keep some precautions – flights from Heathrow to the US, for example, will still require masks until at least 18 April. That mask you just threw in the bin? Yeah, we have some bad news…

With the airline industry facing a new crisis – this time due to a fuel shortage – dropping masks could encourage skeptics to hop on a flight and give the sector a much-needed boost. That is, as long as they’re feeling positive and testing negative.

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