Skete to blow off some steam in space

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March 16, 2022 · less than 3 min read

In a welcome change of pace from being Ye’s punching bag, Pete Davidson is set to blast off into outer space.

Great expectations

Proving once and for all that heading to outer space isn’t just for billionaires, successful prime time actor – and Kim K’s new squeeze – Pete Davison will be living it up in the Blue Origin suborbital rocket system.

After a recent claymation version of him was buried by eternal angry man, Ye, the 28-year-old may well be sending a subtle dig to his new hater-in-chief that he’s a serious player in the current cultural zeitgeist. What’s more, Davidson is set to be the only non-paying guest on the flight. Not a bad freebie.

To the stars

It’s not often Davidson is in the news for anything other than his Kanye beef and new relationship with Kim. His space launch, set for March 23, will bring new meaning to the term ‘getting away from it all’. Instead of deleting socials and going for a walk in the woods, he’s getting some headspace in space.

The journey itself takes passengers to the outer bounds of our atmosphere, including around six minutes of weightlessness before heading back down to earth and parachuting into the Texas desert.

Blue Origin has never fully explained just how much a ten-minute space trip would set you back, but it’s safe to say that there’s little prospect of any of us heading up any time soon. So for now, any space odysseys will likely remain for the rich and famous.

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