Tom Brady’s back in the game

By Scoop
March 15, 2022 · less than 3 min read

In a comeback even Michael Jordan would be proud of, Tom Brady is back in the game.

Back once again

After a grand total of 40 days on the sidelines, the G.O.A.T is back with the Buccaneers. But did he ever really leave? Although Brady hung up the helmet, he never officially exited his contract, leaving some to wonder whether this was always the plan. And a plan that banks $10.4 million is always worth following through on.

It’s not every day you get to chop and change the greatest quarter back of all time, so while Brady’s curtain call lasted only a short while, it’s a day to celebrate for Tampa Bay fans all over the world.

Hall of fame

At the age of 44, the question remains on how much longer Brady can go on for, and how much his body can take – especially with seven Super Bowls to his name. But winning is a drug that just won’t quit and, in his own words, he still has “unfinished business”.

With the 23rd season of his career beckoning, Tampa Bay are now the favorites for the NFC South and are back to competing for the Super Bowl. It’s almost like having the greatest ace up your sleeve can make a winning difference…

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