Scoop - The decentralised asset exchange network powered by blockchain. Contribute. Review. Earn.

News By The People. Contribute. Review. Earn.

Scoop is an incentivised and decentralised asset exchange network which provides content creators, editors and publishers with an immutable record of their assets metadata and timestamping information. With Ethereum at its core, scoop uses the latest in blockchain technology to populate these marketplaces with high quality and authentic content through harnessing the power of its contributors to validate and review these assets.

Decentralized News. Powered By Blockchain.


No Censorship

Scoop eliminates those who would look to supress news or worse.. create fake news, by storing content independently on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Removing the Centre

Complete power is given to it's users to decide what content gets published. Meaning there is no central body able to push agendas or bias.

No Removal or Suppression

Content is not stored in one location, it is handled by a community-managed sysytem. Ensuring no data can be lost once verified by Scoops users.

Factual News Written By Credible Contributors.

The Scoop Network and it’s marketplaces are powered by it’s users - content creators, publishers and reviewers. Every role is fundamental to contributing to Scoops value and those users are rewarded accordingly. The incentivised review process ensures that Scoops marketplaces will specialise in rapidly reviewed, unbiased and authentic content that is instantly available for licensing and publishing.


Scoops system is run by fact-checkers that ensure the validity and accuracy of all content.


Attention to detail ensures that the network’s vetting guidelines are clear and concise.


Reviewers and readers are able too share feedback to ensure an ever improving quality of news.


All roles can be swapped and the relevant rewards gained by the ever-dynamic community.


Contributors & Reviewers earn ScoopCoins for their efforts within the community.


Scoop users will be rewarded generously for their contribution, with fair and even distribution.

Let’s Talk Technical…

Want to understand the inner workings of the Scoop network? - from blockchain transactions, immutable record keeping, exchanging content and earning scoopcoin to the mechanics behind our authentic contnt review process. Check out the white paper for all this and more.

Read Scoop White Paper

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ScoopCoin, also known as SCP, are the tokens that are used for the marketplace exchange and earned by content creators, editors and publishers across the Scoop Platform. You can exchange Ethereum for ScoopCoin.

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Our mission is to put factual news back in the hands of the community. Giving writers a platform to deliver real news which is reviewed by the community. This is community driven news at scale. We’re putting the power back in the hands of the people.